Cleaning Marble With Absolute Best Cleaning

We are cleaning this beautiful marble counter top for a customer in Madison today.  First we scrub the surface with a stone cleaner, then we rinse and extract the soiled solution with this extraction tool.  Finally we apply a stone sealer to protect the surface from future damage. Natural stone is porous and can be […]

Unique rugs

We cleaned a very unique kilim rug today.  This type of rug is distinguished by a flat weave, and also by “slit weaving.”  The weavers reverse the weave at certain points to create clear, distinct lines of color differentiation,  and this results in slits in the rug.  So don’t fret if your brand new kilim […]

When does an area rug need drycleaning?

We just dry cleaned this beautiful Navajo  rug.  This type of rug is distinguished by it’s bold, clean, geometric shapes.  Be careful trying to spot clean these rugs yourself as many are not colorfast and you may end up pulling color and doing more damage than good. It is best to dry clean this type […]