Leadership- in BNI, business and your life

Humor me and close your eyes for a few seconds. Think about yourself in the organizations you work in- your business, our BNI chapter, and your community organizations. Now think specifically about if, and how, you are acting as a leader in those situations. Leaders mobilize others to make extraordinary things happing in organizations. How do you get other people, of their own free will, to move together with a common purpose, to follow you to work hard to achieve shared aspirations? In the best organization, everyone, regardless of title or position, is encouraged to act like a leader. These are 5 practices strong leaders demonstrate:

  1. Model the way: Regardless of your title, it’s your behavior that earns you respect. Exceptional leaders know that if they want to gain commitment and achieve high standards they must be models of the behaviors they expect of others. Don’t just talk the talk. Walk the talk. Lead by example.
  2. Inspire a Shared Vision: Best leadership experience happen when you have a visions and dreams of what an organization could be. You need to be able to share that vision, you excitement for it and why it’s important to you. And you need to be equally clear about why it should matter to those you’re sharing it with.
  3. Challenge the Process: Great leadership often involves a change from the status up. Leaders are pioneers, willing to step out into the unknown, but also creating an environment where experimentation, challenging the system and even failure are supported. Actively search for opportunities and take the initiative.
  4. Enable Others to Act: Great dreams don’t become reality through the actions of one person. It requires a team effort, solid trust and strong relationships. It is easier to achieve shared goals (or even make goals shared) when you involve people in the decisions to be made, trust them to handle the execution and give them responsibilities and credit along the way.
  5. Encourage the Heart: Recognition is the strongest currency you have and it costs you nothing. Show appreciation for people’s contributions and you create a culture of celebration shared values and victory, fostering a community spirit.

Exceptional leader behavior makes a positive difference in people’s commitment and performance in any organization. Think again to you in your business, our BNI chapter, your community organization… What will you do differently to demonstrate your leadership?

Education segment presented by Sharon K. Lewis, AdviCoach http://www.sklewis.advicoach.com

Content based on The Leadership Challenge by James Kouzes and Barry PosnerThe Leadership Challenge