How do you clean a Flokati rug?

Flokati Rug Cleaning

Flokati rug in the cleaning process

We’ve got the solution! Absolute Best Cleaning has had 3 flokati rugs come in this month for cleaning.  They are very shaggy white/off white wool rugs.  Most are made by the Vlachs in the Pindu Mountains of Greece.  They  are very cool and fit in with contemporary decor.  Here’s what my customers have told me about the Flokatis: they are impossible to vacuum because the long wool pile gets caught up in your vacuum cleaner, and dogs love to mark (pee on) these rugs because they smell like a sheep and for whatever reason….dogs like to mark those rugs.  All that being said,  if you have a Flokati that needs cleaning we can help you out.  Our website is