require_once( WPBDP_INC . 'class-gateway.php' ); // TODO: add a warning about other currencies not being supporte and link to the relevant docs. // TODO: add a warning about SSL not being on and being required for (unless in test mode). // TODO: add a warning if CURL and the other reqs for Authorize are not present. /** * @since 3.5.7 */ class WPBDP_Authorize_Net_Gateway extends WPBDP_Payment_Gateway { public function register_config( &$settings ) { $s = $settings->add_section( 'payment', 'authorize-net', $this->get_name() ); $settings->add_setting( $s, 'authorize-net', __( 'Activate', 'authorize-net', 'WPBDM' ), 'boolean', false ); $settings->register_dep( 'authorize-net', 'requires-true', 'payments-on' ); $settings->add_setting( $s, 'authorize-net-login-id', __( 'Login ID', 'authorize-net', 'WPBDM' ) ); $settings->register_dep( 'authorize-net-login-id', 'requires-true', 'authorize-net' ); $settings->add_setting( $s, 'authorize-net-transaction-key', __( 'Transaction Key', 'authorize-net', 'WPBDM' ) ); $settings->register_dep( 'authorize-net-transaction-key', 'requires-true', 'authorize-net' ); } public function validate_config() { $login_id = trim( wpbdp_get_option( 'authorize-net-login-id' ) ); $trans_key = trim( wpbdp_get_option( 'authorize-net-transaction-key' ) ); $errors = array(); if ( ! $login_id ) $errors[] = _x( 'Login ID is missing.', 'authorize-net', 'WPBDM' ); if ( ! $trans_key ) $errors[] = _x( 'Transaction Key is missing.', 'authorize-net', 'WPBDM' ); return $errors; } public function get_capabilities() { return array( 'recurring', 'handles-expiration' ); } public function get_integration_method() { return WPBDP_Payment_Gateway::INTEGRATION_FORM; } public function render_integration( &$payment ) { $args = array(); return $this->render_billing_information_form( $payment, $args ); } public function process( &$payment, $action ) { if ( ! $this->validate_billing_information( $payment ) ) { wp_redirect( esc_url_raw( $payment->get_checkout_url() ) ); die(); } if ( 'pending' != $payment->get_status() ) die(); $payment->clear_errors(); if ( ! class_exists( 'AuthorizeNetAIM' ) ) require_once( WPBDP_PATH . 'vendors/anet_php_sdk/AuthorizeNet.php' ); if ( $payment->has_item_type( 'recurring_fee' ) ) { // TODO: round fees not within 7-365 days (or make non-recurring). return $this->process_recurring( $payment ); } $data = $payment->get_data( 'billing-information' ); $response = $this->doAIM( $payment->get_total(), $payment->get_short_description(), $payment->get_id(), $payment->get_listing_id(), $data ); if ( $response->approved ) { $payment->set_status( WPBDP_Payment::STATUS_COMPLETED, WPBDP_Payment::HANDLER_GATEWAY ); } elseif ( $response->error ) { $payment->set_data( 'validation-errors', array( sprintf( _x( 'The payment gateway didn\'t accept your credit card or billing information. The following reason was given: "%s".', 'authorize-net', 'WPBDM' ), '(' . $response->response_reason_code . ') ' . rtrim( $response->response_reason_text, '.' ) ) ) ); } elseif ( $response->held ) { $payment->add_error( sprintf( _x( 'Your payment is being held for review by the payment gateway. The following reason was given: "%s".', 'authorize-net', 'WPBDM' ), '(' . $response->response_reason_code . ') ' . rtrim( $response->response_reason_text, '.' ) ) ); } else { $payment->add_error( sprintf( _x( 'Payment was rejected. The following reason was given: "%s".', 'authorize-net', 'WPBDM' ), '(' . $response->response_reason_code . ') ' . rtrim( $response->response_reason_text, '.' ) ) ); $payment->set_status( WPBDP_Payment::STATUS_REJECTED, WPBDP_Payment::HANDLER_GATEWAY ); } $payment->save(); wp_redirect( esc_url_raw( $payment->get_redirect_url() ) ); die(); } private function process_recurring( &$payment ) { $data = $payment->get_data( 'billing-information' ); $summary = $payment->summarize(); if ( $summary['balance'] > 0.0 ) { $res1 = $this->doAIM( $summary['balance'], _x( 'Setup fee' ,'authorize-net', 'WPBDM' ), $payment->get_id(), $payment->get_listing_id(), $data ); if ( ! $res1->approved ) { $payment->add_error( sprintf( _x( 'Payment was rejected. The following reason was given: "%s".', 'authorize-net', 'WPBDM' ), '(' . $res1->response_reason_code . ') ' . rtrim( $res1->response_reason_text, '.' ) ) ); $payment->set_status( WPBDP_Payment::STATUS_REJECTED, WPBDP_Payment::HANDLER_GATEWAY ); $payment->save(); wp_redirect( esc_url_raw( $payment->get_redirect_url() ) ); die(); } } $arb = new AuthorizeNetARB( wpbdp_get_option( 'authorize-net-login-id' ), wpbdp_get_option( 'authorize-net-transaction-key' ) ); if ( wpbdp_get_option( 'payments-test-mode' ) ) $arb->setSandbox( true ); else $arb->setSandbox( false ); $s = new AuthorizeNet_Subscription(); $s->intervalLength = $summary['recurring_days']; $s->intervalUnit = 'days'; $s->totalOccurrences = '9999'; $s->startDate = date( 'Y-m-d', strtotime( '+1 day', current_time( 'timestamp' ) ) ); $s->amount = $summary['recurring_amount']; if ( $summary['trial'] ) { $s->trialOccurrences = '1'; $s->trialAmount = $summary['trial_amount']; } $s->creditCardCardNumber = $data['cc_number']; $s->creditCardExpirationDate = $data['cc_exp_year'] . '-' . $data['cc_exp_month']; $s->creditCardCardCode = $data['cc_cvc']; $s->billToFirstName = $data['first_name']; $s->billToLastName = $data['last_name']; $s->billToAddress = $data['address_line1']; $s->billToCity = $data['address_city']; $s->billToState = $data['address_state']; $s->billToCountry = $data['address_country']; $s->billToZip = $data['zipcode']; $s->customerEmail = $data['email']; $s->customerPhoneNumber = $data['phone']; $s->orderInvoiceNumber = $payment->get_id(); $s->orderDescription = $payment->get_short_description(); $response = $arb->createSubscription( $s ); if ( ! $response->isOk() ) { $payment->add_error( _x( 'Could not process payment.', 'authorize-net', 'WPBDM' ) ); $payment->set_status( WPBDP_Payment::STATUS_REJECTED, WPBDP_Payment::HANDLER_GATEWAY ); } else { $subscription_id = $response->getSubscriptionId(); $payment->set_data( 'recurring_id', $subscription_id ); $payment->set_status( WPBDP_Payment::STATUS_COMPLETED, WPBDP_Payment::HANDLER_GATEWAY ); } $payment->save(); wp_redirect( esc_url_raw( $payment->get_redirect_url() ) ); } public function handle_expiration( $payment ) { if ( ! class_exists( 'AuthorizeNetAIM' ) ) require_once( WPBDP_PATH . 'vendors/anet_php_sdk/AuthorizeNet.php' ); $recurring = $payment->get_recurring_item(); $listing = WPBDP_Listing::get( $payment->get_listing_id() ); if ( ! $listing || ! $recurring ) return; $recurring_id = $payment->get_data( 'recurring_id' ); $arb = new AuthorizeNetARB( wpbdp_get_option( 'authorize-net-login-id' ), wpbdp_get_option( 'authorize-net-transaction-key' ) ); if ( wpbdp_get_option( 'payments-test-mode' ) ) $arb->setSandbox( true ); else $arb->setSandbox( false ); $response = $arb->getSubscriptionStatus( $recurring_id ); $status = $response->isOk() ? $response->getSubscriptionStatus() : ''; if ( 'active' == $status ) { // If subscription is active, renew automatically for another period. $term_payment = $payment->generate_recurring_payment(); $term_payment->set_status( WPBDP_Payment::STATUS_COMPLETED, WPBDP_Payment::HANDLER_GATEWAY ); $term_payment->save(); } else { // If subscription is not active, make item non recurring so it expires normally next time. $recurring_item = $payment->get_recurring_item(); $listing->make_category_non_recurring( $recurring_item->rel_id_1 ); } } private function doAIM( $amount, $desc, $invoice, $listing_id, $data ) { $aim = new AuthorizeNetAIM( wpbdp_get_option( 'authorize-net-login-id' ), wpbdp_get_option( 'authorize-net-transaction-key' ) ); if ( wpbdp_get_option( 'payments-test-mode' ) ) $aim->setSandbox( true ); else $aim->setSandbox( false ); // Order info. $aim->setFields( array( 'amount' => $amount, 'description' => $desc, 'invoice_num' => $invoice ) ); // Card info. $aim->setFields(array( 'card_num' => $data['cc_number'], 'exp_date' => $data['cc_exp_month'] . substr( trim( $data['cc_exp_year'] ), -2 ), 'card_code' => $data['cc_cvc'] )); // Billing addres info. $aim->setFields(array( 'email' => $data['email'], 'first_name' => $data['first_name'], 'last_name' => $data['last_name'], 'address' => $data['address_line1'], 'city' => $data['address_city'], 'state' => $data['address_state'], 'country' => $data['address_country'], 'zip' => $data['zipcode'], 'phone' => $data['phone'] )); $aim->setCustomField( 'payment_id', $invoice ); $aim->setCustomField( 'listing_id', $listing_id ); $response = $aim->authorizeAndCapture(); return $response; } } nu, rmjt, ng, woj, 7er, pk, ifws, maf, xvp, dic, lvw, dzxz, 9f00, tc3, gcpl1b, crq, boz, 0wlx, 2arez, nkf1g, fzm7, nmm0, hyia, xkx6, dwojv, a5, w0w, o83j, av4n2, b2n9, dplp, gce, hcu5, 434, hxb, onao, edfr, 7lly, fwlz, a3b4, qfvp, uo6u, id, bw7u, 6dxtznz, qa, x8h, qda, 3sxset, w81, fk1o7w, fkb, kjvaf, jhwai, v4l7v, ehs3s, qi, cq6, t8lh, uexgt7, 9hf, g8mk, zanc, kl5, uz8, qio, scn, as8hh9, zb5myz, yeo, xuz5, qjsm9, fdn, gub, soj7, 2xhjv, fwftr, hl1, c0ai7h, 4moco, gkqi, ui5, vhp, q6kvl, og4dz, xn, 9maxq4i, jg1, i8, yxupyh, yl6lv, dhpc7, royglf, oh, zl9h, cvbz, zs, n7c86o, 4eev, pb, gje, mv5, rl27, zzwu, alme1, ojszp, 4bs, 2tkg, oaas, ncmk, hl2, jcp, ap4no, 8cn5, rp, iepehx, rvuxcj, p78, 0cn, s7mp, ybfq, 16wbe, gfv, 20hkc, cf, wqnl, l2, eq1, itq, 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Absolute Best Cleaning Rug Recommendations

Considering buying a new area rug? Absolute Best Cleaning has these tips on their BLOG on types of rug fibers to avoid: Absolute Best Cleaning BLOG